Life is filled with special events. The birth of a new child or grandchild, the wedding of a son or daughter, graduations and anniversaries; these are all special moments when families come together with each other and special friends to celebrate life.

Photographs are a very important part of these special times and require a high degree of talent and care, "a personal touch". At A Personal Touch Photography we have brought our talents to f these special family moments for over twenty years. We specialize in creating the photographs that will bring back memories for you and your family for years to come.

Those memories are at the heart of what we do. We never forget that the photographs we take at your special events are lasting images, images that will be enjoyed by future generations of your family.

Let Kitty at A Personal Touch Photography show you how beautiful images of weddings, graduations and other occasions can be captured no matter what your budget may be. We believe in working with our clients to achieve the lasting images in your family.

We are pleased to be the official photographer for the 2017 GREAT FREDERICK FAIR!!

Frederick Fair Logo

We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support in this effort.